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6. Poetic Justice ft Drake - Man…ey’thing bout the words in the title of this track jus seems fucked up right here. I aint gon front. Like I get it…its a joint for the females. This is actually the joint that represents the last verse of the first track where son is bout to go see his girl Sherane n them dudes come out wit they hoodies on. You might even say this shit is kinda genius the way he tied it back into that story. But why Drake gotta be on this joint? Why Aubrey Graham gotta sprout his wings n flutter all over this shit? Why Drake in the van wit you on the way to Sherane house in the first place Kendrick? I mean…son really hadda come along par? Aint even like that bathwater drinkin, waffle syrup bleedin, baby powder sneezin, spritzer pourin muthafucka came wit some different shit. He jus did his usual Drake thing…which is normally jus some instructions for random broads on how they can feel comfortable round him since he kno he aint perfect n she should kno she aint perfect but they perfect together so they can still have a good time bein flawed individuals either way cuz that shit is destiny even tho he tryin to better hisself but at least he successful now so he aint really mad at how shit done turned out for him cuz niggas gon always be unnecessarily hatin on him for all the suspect ass shit he be doin seein as they jus jealous of where he at in life n feel like they gotta cut him down to size n not that he wanna brag or nothin but it is what it is n she need to come closer so he can describe ey’thing she wearin for whoever listenin n explain to her how her flaws is the reason why she is who she is n why she need to be embracin that shit stead a hidin behind hairdos n fly clothes since bein mad plain lookin n even possibly slightly unattractive or overweight is what makes her as unique as the snowflakes he use to catch on his tongue while he was makin snow angels on the driveway of his momma house in Toronto before he would run into the kitchen wit his homies Kyle n Blake n have hot chocolates n make smores or some shit n even tho he wouldnt fuck wit her FORREAL forreal jus only on a song cuz in real life he tryin to bag Rihanna again n has dreams bout Aaliyah bein resurrected n wantin to thank him for single-handedly keepin her memory alive n makin posthumous joints wit her by walkin into the Young Money offices in front of ey’body n givin him a big kiss n scoopin him up n carryin him out while ey’body clappin n cheerin n Weezy goin WAY TO GO DRAKE…WAY TO GO…but he figures chicks wit low self esteem dig all that corny ass overly honest n conflicted bout ya own emotions n opinions shit cuz its mad relateable so he gon say it anyways….but he kinda toned it down for this joint so its whatever.

Ghostface Killah on Drake

LMAO This shit is hilarious. But it’s so true I can’t fucking stand it.

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